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Karen SpeakingSpeaking From the Heart Turning Pain into Purpose

Karen has experienced a loss that parents never want to experience – the loss of a child.

Karen also overcame breast cancer.

Karen  rose above being displaced from high-paying corporate careers and found that their identity with this success was also stripped away.

What would you have done with these setbacks?

She chose to reinvent herself.   She choose to turn her loss into building a legacy that would shift the world.

All too often people experience loss and their voices and joy are silenced. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  When we rise up together through our losses, we rekindle the human spirit that is meant to experience joy and abundance.

Now Karen  has stepped into making  money as an entrepreneur and now she has the freedom to live like she has  always wanted: live her  with passion, spend time with Shawn and their three children.

As a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator your audience will walk away completely moved into their soul, see a new perspective on challenges and be equipped with tools to turn their losses into their legacy.

Karen speaks on the following topics and many more:

Turn Your Loss into Your Legacy

Soul to Soul Conversations with Clients

Servant Selling

Emergent Soul in Business?  Yes!

Reputation or Character – Where should you be focusing your time?

Woman are you being Selfish?  Put yourself on the list so you can serve!

Leaving Your Legacy.

Interested in Karen speaking for your organization or group?  She can be reached at 561-306-5055 or email Karen@EmergentSoul.com