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Awaken Your Soul Pre-Conference Tele-Summit


Emergent Soul Telesummit

Do You Feel Like You are Destined To Do More?
Are you ready to make changes but unsure what to do?
Ready to Transform your Life Forever?
…but you just don’t know what your NEXT STEP should be?
Maybe you even feel like  you have a story to tell?
If you’ve ever have had self-doubt, dealt with the lack of confidence, Had Significant HEALTH Challenges, Endured a Painful Relationship, Suffered from Abuse or Struggled in Your Business or your Finances or something else…
and you are just NOT in the BEST SPACE in your life, then KEEP READING!
If you know there is something MORE but don’t know how to CLAIM it or even where to FIND it or you are MERELY just living your life but know there must be MORE, the PATH starts HERE!
If this sounds like YOU then it’s time to
become an EMERGENT SOUL.

(The concept of an Emergent Soul is: what connects us all is a life altering experience. This experience should not define who you are, as you are meant to live in abundance.)   You are the master of yourself and your life. 

JOIN US Every Day starting on Monday, May  11th thru Saturday, May 16th, for our
Awaken Your Soul Pre-Conference TELESUMMIT!
And meet our 7 AMAZING, Inspirational SPEAKERS!
  • Hear a preview of their STORIES!
  • Learn the Tools to make the desired changes!
  • And DISCOVER how to live your BEST Life!

The Awaken Your Soul Pre-Conference  TELESUMMIT is event that is sure to give you a taste of the upcoming Emergent Soul Live Conference and to inspire and ignite your own soul and purpose.


Karen Alleyne-Means


Karen Alleyne-Means, is a coach, speaker and publisher of  Emergent You Magazine.  After carrying this VISION of Emergent Soul inside of her heart and her SOUL for YEARS, she is creating a community with the mission to provide a place of PEACE, CALM and to find true understanding and wonder to help you find your own PASSION.


Karen has brought together the most intriguing Emergent Souls you have heard or seen, and they’re going to give you the inside scoop on how they did it!

Join Us – for the Awaken Your Soul Pre-Conference – Telesummit

It’s happening Monday thru Saturday May 11th – May 16th, at 8:30AM Daily. 

Come and Awaken Your Soul!

You can ATTEND for FREE and hear as many SPEAKERS as you like.

You’ll go “behind the stories” and hear these extraordinary influencers who made it through to the other side after life altering events and are now themselves EMERGENT SOULS! 

You can hear about one of their challenges and how they were able to rise and reclaim their inner power.

 Featured Speakers

This Pre-Conference Event is going to be a PRICELESS experience, which is why we could not put a price on it…


That rightthis amazing Awaken Your Soul pre-conference event is 100% FREE,

go NOW and check it out !


Karen Alleyne-Means, Founder of Emergent Soul, has hand-picked all of the speakers for this amazing event.  The transformations they have endured and their stories will be sure to inspire ALL.  They have incredible strength and are true leaders of emerging souls! 


We all know it takes a DEFINING MOMENT to DEFINE YOUR PURPOSE– they’ve done it – and they’re sharing what they learned so that you can do it in your life too!


And it just keeps getting better, because the Emergent Soul Telesummit is the prelude to Karen’s LIVE Emergent Soul Conference in Boca Raton on July 31- August 2nd.         (GET TICKETS HERE) 


DURING the LIVE CALLS, Karen will be giving away ONE FREE SPECIAL GIFT to a very LUCKY person who ATTENDS their CALL Live!


Learn more about the Live Event and get your tickets now.

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