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Jenn Scalia“Anyone looking for help with sales/consult calls, book a session with Karen Alleyne-Means ASAP. She is awesome at what she does. She will also be on my team for my super VIP offering coming out next month! She was able to walk me through the entire process that actually made sense and felt good to me. I have tried using scripts in the past, but they always seemed so salesy and sleazy. I love Karen’s authentic approach to selling and enrolling coaching clients. She made it so seamless and easy.                          

Jenn Scalia  www.JennScalia.com


Hanadi Odesanmi“I just had an amazing, mind blowing session with Karen Alleyne-Means. I was having AhA moments all through the call. Her power of converting a sale to a coaching technique was amazing. I was directed to close the sale with minimum effort or pressure of “I must sell” to “I am offering a service” a total different mindset. I know we all say and state we are offering a service but once it comes to the end of the call….I personally freeze, but now I do have a different mind set. Thank you”

Hanadi Zakaria Odesanmi


Maru IabichelaThank you SO MUCH for having this special session with me 🙂 I appreciate your expertise and insights to this. It really inspired me to improve my approach to how I conduct discovery calls with potential clients. It definitely helped me identify where I need to step up in leadership in the conversation so I can more effectively lead my future clients to change.   Thank you again.

Maru Iabichela  www.maruiabichela.com


sabrina wall“Karen is bright, personable, and always a pleasure to be around. She is highly skilled in multi-tasking and keeping herself in a constant pursuit of development. She takes her work very seriously and makes time to do it the right way the first time around. I would recommend her to anyone because not only is she a a great sales consultant, but she is also a great person”.

 Sabrina Wall, CEO, Executive Director of the Franchise Brokers Association


Marilyn Ritiche

“Karen understands the complex duties and responsibilities associated with her position. She is knowledgeable, resourceful, assertive, tenacious, well organized and detail oriented. As a result, of Karen’s success in her position her colleagues look to her as a resource for information and direction.”

Marilyn M. Ritchie, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative