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Meet Karen

Born in Washington, D.C. and raised in the Bahamas, Karen came to the U.S. when she was 12 to attend boarding school in Florida to receive a better education.

She met and married her love, Shawn Means, and together they start their beautiful family with sons Khristopher and Kellen, and daughter Kelsey. She also went through the heartbreaking experience of losing her son, Kenneth Andrew.    They currently reside in Wellington, Florida.

Along the way, Karen battled breast cancer, suffered a job loss and endured other struggles that built her resilience and helped her understand that she was a strong woman. She also realized that her life’s mission was much greater than she was capable of imaging at that time.

After many years in pharmaceutical sales, Karen entered the publishing world and the spark was ignited to start Emergent Soul. While engaging with people in the course of business, she realized that many of them yearned for something more—they needed to find ways to feed their mind, body and spirit. Money, accolades, power, possessions—these things did not satisfy the inner desires people knew they needed to find to thrive.

Following her passion, she founded Emergent Soul in the hopes that a community of people committed to bettering themselves can also change the world.

On the heels of Emergent Soul, Karen founded Emergent You: One Journey, One Life.   This mind, body, spirit & wellness publication that allows the participants to embark on living the best life possible in all facets of life.

Are you ready to live your best life?   Are you looking for changes in your personal or business relationships?

Reach out to Karen and  allow her to  help you along your journey to greatness.

Set up a 15 minute clarity session to see if she is the right person to support you.